A downloadable game

It's such a fun way to kill time that your body might move when you play!
Burger Jumping Journey!
A free game to play without WiFi or internet connection.

▼Tap or swipe to jump!
Burger Jump Journey is an endless running and jumping game.
It's easy and simple to play. Just tap or swipe to jump in order to avoid obstacles.
Your Jump height depends on your swiping speed! Use your finger to find the right balance of how high to jump.
This is what makes the game so fun!

▼Don't jump on the burgers!
Boxwell, the hero of this game, loves burgers!
If you jump on a burger by accident, you will just bounce off it!
Burgers are not launch ramps! Never jump on them, Never!

▼Lots of characters!
Collect coins to open the secret boxes.
You will get new characters!
We have a mongolian death worm that you like!

Let's go on a jumping journey for a fun adventure!

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